Singleton Corridor Neighborhood-Led Plan

Just some of the members of SU at a recent community education event on Shingle pollution.

What’s the Plan?

The Neighborhood Self-Defense Project began collaborating with West Dallas 1, the coalition of neighborhood associations in West Dallas, in January 2020 on their neighborhood-led plan. Because of the pandemic and capacity issues, the planning process was paused and restarted in April 2021. Throughout the planning process, a new neighborhood association within the plan boundaries formed, called Singleton United/Unidos. They are now leading the GAFs Gotta Go campaign, to remove the biggest source of PM and SOX pollution in Dallas County, out of their neighborhood. This recommendation is included in their neighborhood-led plan.

What’s the Status?

The plan was finished in December 2021 and is linked here. Singleton United/Unidos has been working on implementing elements of the plan, such as amortization of GAF, and working to ensure the recommendations are included as part of the ForwardDallas update. The recommendation are summarized visually below. The Authorized Hearing to rezone the community as included in the plan, was initiated on December 15th 2022 by the City Plan Commission.