Floral Farms Neighborhood-Led Plan

What’s the Plan?

Check out the Floral Farms Neighborhood-Led Land Use Plan here and learn more about the Neighborhood Self-Defense Project here.

What’s the Status?

The Authorized Hearing to rezone the Floral Farms neighborhood was initiated in July 2019. Since then, Neighbors United/Vecinos Unidos, the residential association in Floral Farms, have been stuck at 12th on the list. They were recently told by PUD that their community would be moved from the bottom of the Authorized Hearing list, up to the top, after they receive official approval from the City Manager’s office. They were told the first meeting would be scheduled for February 2022, but it was actually held in September 2022. The second meeting is scheduled for January 10th 2023.

Map of the Authorized Hearing (public rezoning) boundaries for the Floral Farms neighborhood.

So will the plan be adopted?

PUD has affirmed to the neighbors in Floral Farms that the plan will be honored in the ForwardDallas land use update. They also said that because of the plan, the authorized hearing for rezoning would likely take less than a year to complete.