Community Engagement Policy

Why We Need a Community Outreach & Engagement Policy

In Spring and Summer 2022, the Coalition worked with member organization Ethos Equity Consulting, to draft recommendations for the City of Dallas to consider creating a community outreach and engagement policy. Here is the document created in June 2022 that was presented to City Council and Staff:

After a series of meetings, the need to create a community outreach and engagement framework was included in the City of Dallas Racial Equity Plan, adopted in August 2022. The Coalition and Ethos Equity continued to work with Council and staff on how to move forward with the creation of this policy.

In December 2022, during the Workforce, Education and Equity committee, Councilwoman Schultz acknowledged the work led by the Coalition and Brittani Hite on the need for a commitment to inclusive and equitable outreach/engagement practices at City Hall. Specifically, the City has added “Engagement” as one of the (previously 4, now 5) Key Drivers. Council shared with us that staff will be drafting recommendations for how engagement and outreach should occur through January 3rd and will plan to present their recommendations to council in February 2023. The Coalition will be compiling recommendations from the Coalition to send over in advance of the January 3rd staff meeting.

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